porte bagage 55cmThe luggage rack is 55 cm long with a maximum payload of 40 kg. Made of inox steel, it is very strong and durable. Adapters are specific for each activity. You can easily customize the cargo bike. Bags, suitcases or boxes sometimes exceed 60cm long.

GobaX supplies the luggage rack with appropriated standard adapter, plus the container for the following options:

Sprint - Rigid thermal box with thermal drink holder.

Flex - standardized boxes in different heights and colors.

Comm - secure and waterproof boxes.

Med - secure and padded case for medicine or laboratory samples delivery.

Flirt - picnic basket and its contents, Brooks leather saddle and real wood handles.


When hearing of you activities, we are helping you to choose the most appropriated solution

Particular activities require modifications, do not hesitate to ask us to find the solution together. It is an important characteristic of Gobax, it is also a challenge we like to take. The rear luggage rack allows multiple ad hoc solutions.

Thus our customers today are very diverse: lawyers, electricians, maintenance, pharmacists, firefighters, nurses, delivery, or chimney sweepsertains.

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