N360 is continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission that revolutionize your shifting experience. These transmissions provide a smooth, continuous progression from one ratio to another, with no abrupt ratio changes or harsh gear engagements.

Compared with complex conventional internally geared hubs, the NuVinci Optimized hub is based on a very simple concept, which withstands high torque and power levels from eBike drivetrains and is virtually maintenance free. Instead of many complex gears and components, the NuVinci technology is based on a set of rotating, tilting spheres fitted between two rings.

Unlike conventional transmissions that have a fixed number of gear ratios, our continuously CVP drivetrain has an unlimited numberof ratios within its wide 360% (for N360) range.



Advantages are :
- gear shifting while driving with payload on the bike,
- low maintenance costs.

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